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Tuesday Tips: Foods That Make You Happy!

Seven (my lucky/fav number) foods that make you happy...why wouldn't you want to eat these, I ask you??? 

1. Chocolate: 1.4 ounces DAILY! reduces stress hormones. #BAM

2. Carbs: people on low carb diets (20-40  grams= 1 bread slice) are grumpy.  Well, duh they're hungry! 

3. Whole foods (aka: in natural state):  have antioxidants that lower risk of depression.

4. Fish with Omega-3s (salmon, sardines, trout, mussels) boost mood, help information retention and boosts sex drive. Sign me up! 😘

5. Saffron: 15mg capsules increases serotonin productions; helps decrease mood swings

6. Coconut: merely the scent of this fruit blunts your "fight or flight". Talk about fat free! ha! 

7. Tea: drinking 5-6 oz CAFFEINATED (can I get an amen!) black, green or oolong tea elicits a more alert state of mind.  (I ♥️ caffeine)

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