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"Hail Tamiflu!" Important Stuff I KNOW You Want To Know (cuz I did)

I'm just getting over the flu and it f'ing sucks. Not a little sucky. A LOT sucky. I rarely get sick....pneumonia 5 years ago was the last time (from ignoring a cold...not my wisest decision)! I am here to tell you that even if you are a bad*ss-superhero-🦄 like me, this one could get you too. So, I'm going to give you a light take on this years' flu.

Knowledge is power peoples. #BAM

At the first sign of aches and a cough: run (not walk) to your closest urgent care or Dr. Your Dr. will swab your nose (yum) and in 15 minutes let you know if you have this years' nastiness. Yes, even if you're the proud recipient of the lamest flu shot everrr...go! Most of the flu shots aren't really working for this big-bad-baby. If you're a good girl like me, you went asap which meant: I got Tamiflu (insert Oprah-like yell: "HAIL TAMIFLU!"). To be honest, two of my lovelies gently told me to go...I wouldn't have (see aforementioned pneumonia) but I listened! So, yay me for listening to wisdom over superhero-🦄-bravado.

Here's a little Q & A about "THE FLU"

Contagious: One day before YOU even know you're sick until (potentially) 13 days after your temp goes bye-bye. Usually, 24 hours after NO TEMP is ample time to get back to biznez.

Germs: are airborne up to 8 hours indoors (think gyms, high-rise buildings, etc.,). This means you can walk thru someone's "sneeze", whom you don't even know, and get sick from that person. Yup. #tru

Once you have it, how can you help you:

-Hydrate: drink a sh*tTON of water/fluids..however you can choke it down, do it. If water, add a teeny bit of juice, salt or sugar to your water to help with your electrolytes.

-Take epsom salt baths to soothe

-Drink more

-Eat calming foods (no veggies or anything else that requires work to digest).

-Minimize dairy

-Probiotics! Don't forget those! Oh lord, not forget on...

Wassup w/Tamiflu?

-It totally does work- if you get it in the first 48 hours. It only SHORTENS this nastiness. There's no miracle drug peeps.

-Your kids should not take it as preventative- it's a bad*ss drug! This should only really given to the sick.

-You can drink while taking it! I'm a committed wine-o. 🍷

-No, I haven't had a drop since last Sunday! WTHeck? -Yes, coffee AOK too! Nope, none since Tues either...sounds yukky.

-Yes, it'll give you fierce upset bowels (like how I censored that?). See aforementioned "bad*ss drug". It's like a bomb goes off every time I take one...jus' keepin it real.

How possibly are there any Pros? Because I like making lemonade out of lemons!

-I went on the wagon! Probably good for me anyway. I drink a glass (or two) nightly. Not a bottle or anything but I am consistent. Good to give the organs a break.

-My intestines/bowels are cleaner than the finest of LA's colonic technicians could have done.

-My toots (as if?!) do not smell bc I've had almost zero food. 😳😂

-If I'd wanted to lose weight ✅. I don't so now that's a different issue.

-I haven't heard my hubby snore because he's been sleeping elsewhere.

-I've had a very "relaxing" four days. Imposed, how can I manage this without getting so sick? 'nother post!

-I have had a crash course on the flu and tamiflu.

By the way: MASSIVE KUDOS TO MY MAIN MAN!! Kory has pulled the weight for both of us while working on projects and took sublime care of me! Rock Star! To be honest, I think it freaked him out that I was so sick...and that this may be his plight if I didn't get well soon! 😜

Seriously, stud. 143♥️

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