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No shock here: my health.

As you know, I'm pretty healthy! I workout, eat well, take vitamins, drink my 100oz of water, sleep a decent amount, drink moderately (albeit consistently), etc. But, I do take my health for granted. I won't anymore.

On this Thursday, I declare! Happy Health Day!

Be kind and good to yourself.

-Give yourself a big ol hug (I dare you to literally do it while grocery shopping or while walking! Dare!).

-Tell yourself what you would tell your bestie (or best dude, if you're a dude and "bestie" is outta your comfort zone): You are strong, capable, intelligent...choose your healthy words and say them.

Do it! It really feels like a yummy virtual hug! (or, again, do the real self hug and get back to me where you did it and how much you laughed at yourself! So worth it!)

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