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Tuesday Tips: Sleep "Magic"

Folks, this isn't rocket science. This is like everything else in our lives: it takes consistency (just like: working out, eating right etc. ahem.)!

I have been less than an ideal sleeper. Oh sure, I pass out quickly (not from booze people! geez! ;)) but I'd wake at 1ish, stay awake for an hour or so and then got annoyed that I have to be up 5am...vicious cycle.

I've tried a ton of things...

I'll make it easy for you! OK?

I have chosen the ones that have less props: oils, masks, earphones etc. The thought of needing and/or traveling with all of those things made me feel all "Hollywood". Just couldn't. Can't. Won't.

This small list works. And, yes, you can do this. It's how committed you are to your sleep. Or you can continue to blame the sleep gods that you can't sleep...always useful.

My fav top 5 to get to sleep:

1. CONSISTENT BEDTIME: choose a time that works for you. Mine is 10. I wake at 5. Seven hours. #BAM

2.CONSISTENT WAKE TIME: I wake @ 5am. In LA, it was 4:30. I don't own Harmony anymore thus, less "babysitting" - more sleep. Yay me! But, I still love me my morning. Yes, really.

3. UNPLUG: two options: turn off your phone 30 min before sleep time. OR turn on all screens to a yellow screen. "Nightshift" or another app that makes everyone and everything look slightly like pee.

4. EXERCISE DAILY: there are different theories. Workout early bc it's best for consistency. Workout later bc it blows off steam. Both are great bc you're doing it. Period.

5. YOGIC BREATHING: I like the approach of @drweil: Inhale thru your nose for 4. Hold your breath for 7 and exhale (making a whoosh sound) for 8. Done. You've learned what's called "Relaxing Breath".

I knowwwwwww this all works. I am the lightest sleeper and wake consistently. Nightly. But, I get back to sleep now too! More yay me!

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