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Happy Friyay! Where have you stretched today?

Where have you stretched today? Since I’m into total transparency (aka: no filter), I’m gonna fill you in on a normal day for goes! Woke up w a couple stretches in bed- like a baby stretches. Got out of bed and stretched my quads while brushing my teeth (yep, switched hands to brush to switch hands to stretch other quad). Threw on a terrible outfit for running (see insta..woof!) and sought out coffee. Stretched upper back and neck while waiting for said coffee Drank ahhhmazing caffeine er, coffee at desk...sciatic and piraformas stretching ensued. Got breakfast together for Penelope and placed foot up on counter while cooking. Hamstrings and hips were happy (but Kory will not be if he reads this!)! Drove her to school, returned and went for a run. Returned stretched w client and walked Phoebe and stretched arms overhead, twisted around and essentially looked like a mad-woman. Whatevs. Benefit of being almost 50. Don’t care! 👊 Got in shower where I stretched my calves, hips, chest and back. And that was before 10:30am! As you can read: it’s an all day occurrence. Stretching needn’t be one massive event. In fact, you’d be better off stretching out your stretch sesh. Had was too punny!

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