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#TuesdayTips: 10 Ways to Help You "Find" Joy

Skimming through articles and pictures I realized that it's like meditation: figure out how to do it -your way. The main goal: RECOGNIZING when you're feeling it and gowithit....

Here's my list:

1. Smile: self explanatory but if it isn't: it feels nice and makes others feel nice. Too simple eh?

2. Do something for someone else: give a gift, open a door, leave a lovely note, pay-it-forward. Something. Yummmm.

3. Take your time: not rushing around keeps me calmer & allows me to take in life.

4. Laugh: at yourself or with others or for zero reason at all.

Just. Do. It! #thankyounike 😜

5. Dance: bust a move especially if you totally shouldn’t (insert Elaine meme). #imissseinfeld

6. Play: be silly! Skip, climb, twirl, look ridiculous! Who cares. I mean, really, who gives a sh*t?! (Besides you...which is even more reason to enjoy the moment!)

7. STOP! the self loathing or deprecating and replace it was a POSITIVE.

8. Hang with your loves. Chillin with people that boost you up; with whom you are happier.

9. Count your blessings. DAILY. Do it every day. Just for the helluvit. Why not?

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Stare: Truly observe. It’s all pretty awesome! ...I’m an unabashed “starer”. I get caught A LOT. I smile and move on! I’m almost 50: F-it! I ain't embarrassed


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