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#WorkoutWednesday: 4%

Just short of being really sick or having a serious issue, there's literally ZERO excuse for not working out in some way, shape or form. It's 4% of your day.

I plan out my workout schedule on Sundays, as you know.

By the way: every workout doesn't need to be a kick-ass-you're-going-to-be-too-sore-to-sit-n-pee workout. #jussayin

TODAY is a very civilized day!

I get to wake up 5:15 and do 10 minutes of Pilates floor work,

drink coffee (,

make grub for kids (hot breakfast daily)

drive my little lady to school

7:30 walk 4-leggeds with my other 2-legged

8am run with Luck (my 4 year old mastiff pup)

10am Pilates

11ish: shower bc I am sure I'll be a natural bug repellant

11:30 off for a meeting and the day.

Wednesdays are a later morning for me and its really nice! #everydamnday # #wednesday #today #makeitcount

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