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I take supplements and have been for years. I feel better when doing so! Feels like I'm donating to my, it's gonna thank me for being so generous.

I eat 1T diatomaceous earth in my green drink and chase it all down with vitamins. In an hour, my pee is a bright yellow...what gives? Your body is excreting B2, magnesium and maybe a few others.

Why? Nutritionists say it's bc what we don't need we pee out.

What if! it's bc the capsules we take are getting broken down too quickly in the stomach from all of the acids and never making it to the bloodstream at all???

What if we could not only protect the capsules more so they actually get thru the stomach's acidic environment ,into the intestines where it gets delivered to the tissues?

What if this, in turn, can help our gut get healthier?

Yep, that's what I'm talkin about....check out the video that I posted this am on FB (#Iheartdrmercola) :

I am telling you: THIS IS LIFE CHANGING. Literally!

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