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#TuedayTips: Pay Attention Folks

...Yes, It's Wednesday..ah well. There ya have it. Life took me away from y'all...I'm back!

There's no quick fix to ANYTHING.

This is your ONLY body (in this life, if you believe in that)! Stop thinking it's going to happen to you and without you ACTIVELY participating. Nope. Sorry. The more you think and feel about you: the better you can help you. No one else can help you like you can. Is that not THE coolest, MOST empowering concept ever!? I think so.

Let's talk basics:

Posture: it is alllll you peoples! What can you do? THINK about it ALL day. How're you standing? Sitting? Computering (I know it's not a word!). Walking? Your muscles are holding up you...what muscles do you feel? Are they feeling pleasant?? If not: fix your damn posture!

Eating: how do you feeeeeel after? Before? Are you even hungry when you're eating? Put your fork down and pause before the next bite.

Sleeping: Are you a back or side sleeper? Are you rested?

Driving: where are your hands placed? Feet placed? Are you using the headrest? It's called a head rest, people...someone much smarter than us designed it for our heads. No, it's not too far's you. Your posture is too far forward. Not rocket science...except it is.

Experts: unless you're totally egomaniacal, you actually don't know everything about everything. Hire an expert to help you with the aforementioned. I do! I am an expert and I need help; check ins, if you will.

Ask for help. It'll be life-changing. I promise

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