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I'm changing my Wednesday post to wellness as opposed to workout. It felt confining and I've got LOTS to say! :)

For example! Working out is...posture, coordination, balance, cardio, weights, and oh yes, fueling your body to do this all day long, (I'm trying not to curse).

Seriously tho people! Stop thinking you can sorta dial it in. You really can't and why would you? THIS IS YOUR BODY! (I'm getting all excited)

Do all of it every day. I'm not talking marathon workouts. At different times of the day.

Stay with me...this is tough (insert sarcasm):

Just suggestions: -POSTURE: ALL DAY

DM me if you need to know how. This is probably the toughest of all. Not lyin and this one feeeeels like a marathon. Well, it is all day...

-BALANCE: While brushing your teeth: stand on each leg one min (you're supposed to be brushing for two...)

-COORDINATION: Walk heel to toe forwards and backwards for 10 feet twice. 2 minutes.

-CARDIO: 30 minutes of HEART PUMPING @ least 3x per week. Why? Your organs need this! It is NOT the same or instead of HIIT or Muscle Training. Doesn't do the same thing to your body.

-WEIGHTS or HIIT: Your metabolism NEEDS muscle. Your joints NEED support. Your bones NEED the stress placed on them.

-PROPER FOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS: Everything above needs fuel. Food isn't good enough anymore and isn't enough for the aging body. If you're under 30 you can squeak by with only food. After that: NOPE!

If you need more suggestions and/or clarity with any of this: call/DM/email me.

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