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#TuesdayTip: Squeeze It In

The martini caught your eye didn't it?? Mine too. Yum!

Except we're chatting about squeezing IMPORTANT "to-do's" into your daily life.

I do mean FIGURATIVELY & LITERALLY...used properly...finally. It is a weebit annoying when people use literally and it's not literally. #jussayin #mamawasanenglishteacher

-Squeeze lemon in your (100oz) water per day as it stimulates white blood cell production, protects cells from oxidation, and possibly metabolic health.

-Squeeze in 5 minutes in the am to breathe in the morning and appreciate your life

-Squeeze in 3 minutes a few times per day to stretch. Yes, even while at work! I can show you how! DM me here, FB, or Instagram.

-Squeeze in 10 minutes DAILY to sweat. Yes, more is better but 10 better than talking yourself out of it "because you don't have time". You'll end up "finding" more time. I promise. I know of what I speak...

-Squeeze in 2 minute to call/text a few people that you are thinking about them.

-Squeeze in ONE minute per day to smile and/or hug, and/or tell those you love someone special.

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