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#givingtuesday I love this! I like #tuesdaytip but now that I have #wellnesswednesday I don’t need that...keepin up with this? 😘 Anyway, I saw this @teryldesigns and stole it! I know it’s called #reposting but stealing out in the open sounds more fun! 😇 SOOOO: give peoples! #DONATE #GIVE Every dang day. A little goes a long way. Give: happiness, manners, money, groceries, love, hugs, pay it forward (one of my favs!!), just #doit 👊♥️ TODAY:: wake up and decide that you’ll be your own charitable organization and GIVE. You’ll feel and become so much richer than ever imaginable!


DM: yassss!

FB: Karen Schwalbe-Jones

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