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Mondaymantra: Every. Damn. Day

#mondaymantra 👊Every. Damn. Day.🦄 This is actually one of my favorites! Why? BC I don’t always wake up excited to work out or work! That being said, there’s never been a day that I didn’t love working out or teaching! Honest! 🙏 This is the only body & life that we have peoples! -> Why wouldn’t you want to take care of all of it? -> Why wouldn’t you want to learn about it? I’ll tell you a #secret - I was an overfat person thru my teens into college then my dad had a few heart attacks so I began educating myself to help him get and stay healthy (didn’t work bc he’s like most people: he wanted a quick fix. He’s no longer around.) Stop relying on diets/external forces to make it happen for you! Stop looking at people wishing that you looked like them bc 1. You aren’t them and 2. #WISHING WONT GET YOU THE RESULTS. 😳 Whether in workouts, work, relationships etc.: You have the ability to create change! Decide what you’re going to do and make that happen! Now! Seriously: just make a decision and stop waiting & expecting change. You aren’t #entitled to anything without a bit o work. #nope #jussayin This is my TODAY workout. If you need ideas, suggestions: DM ME! . ♥️, 💬, SHARE, SUGGEST TOPICS! ⭐️FB: Karen Schwalbe-Jones ⭐️ . . . . #teach #inspo #everydamnday #yourbody #iloveteaching #momentrepreneur #bosslady #hiit #fhiit #running #weights #fitspo #almost50 #july20 #hbd #fun #la #tx #california Every. Damn. Day!

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