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Good Thursday!

This week has been a struggle to keep my inside voice in.

REPEATEDLY I hear people "should", "wish", "want to..." etc. HUH? Like, really? Do you hear yourself people?

My #oneminutewellness is about: getting started.

Without using my nomal go-to F-word expletive: JUST DO IT! For the love of G-d! Just do it.

What do you want that you do have? How do you get to that goal? Certainly not by "wishing" OY!

ok...I'm getting all riled up again. Calm Karen! STEP 1. Pick a goal

STEP 2. Research how to get that goal.

STEP 3. COMMIT. This means you don't stop till you reach your goal.

STEP 4: If need be: hire an EXPERT to help you get to your goal. Money is NOT wasted if you actually attain your goal. #jussayin.

STEP 5: Keep at it. Till you reach your first goal. Most people reassess as they get near goals...we can chat about that when you get there...

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