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I'm not going to win friends with this post. Not that I'm being negative or anything but people really want to hear...well, what they WANT to hear. This isn't that.

DIETS DON'T WORK. There. I said it! Unfriend me. However, if you want to get real, keep on people!

That four-letter-word market is THE largest repeated, consumer market coming in @ $70.3 billion industry for diet products and plans. It is SO large for a few reasons:

1. Americans are some of the laziest in the world. We came in @ an avg of 4774 steps and 17th out of alllll of the countries in the world.

2. 7% actually workout regularly @ 3x per week. SEVEN!!!

3. We are the #9th FATTEST in the world. #superproud (yep, sarcasm is my go-to)

4. We are #1 in consumer markets and #2 in actually consuming packaged goods -right behind UK...which is set to be THE most obese country in the world by 2020. At least they have the cutest accent!

5. Last but not least: 95% of diets fail. Google it. I did. I didn't want to believe that one either.

People are buying books, programs and into the notion that because someone else did it, it must be good for them as well. WRONG.

Famous people are losing weight with Keto? Sure! They're starving their bodies. Literally! Not, like, "literally" like my 15 year-old uses literally...LITERALLY! More than a few days of that program your body starts using itself for fuel! GROSS!

Apparently, Halle Berry did do Keto and lost all this weight. She also has a trainer, a dietician, and possibly a chef (and a fab team to make her all pretty). Obviously, she has a very EDUCATED support team. Her program IS going to work because her team knows what to do. She is SAFELY doing this diet as a PROGRAM.

OY! People!

DIETS truly don't work long term. PROGRAMS DO!

While we are all humans, we are not identical twins, triplets, quintuplets etc etc.... You got the point. Let's leave it at: no one is created equal.

Our bodies are nothing short of SPECTACULAR!

Way more cool than any car, boat, job, or house. Yet, we get to sell or change out those.

We only have one body (nope, not going into existentialism or reincarnation now). Take WAY better care of it than depending on a DIET that you didn't research,

EDUCATE yourself and make a WISE choice based on what is PERFECT for YOU (lots of energy and capitals eh?)! CREATE a PROGRAM that works only for you (and your real identical twin if you have one!).

OK, I'm climbing down off my rant-tower.

Happy Thursday!

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