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It's #workoutwednesday! Drum Roll Please!

Omgoodness I really love running. Like a bee loves honey. Love. Can’t live without. LOVE. #yougetthepoint I’ve been consistently running 35 years. Without many breaks. ✨It’s my sanity. ✨My therapist. ✨My alone time. ✨Time w my besties. We solve world problems and include ours...😘 I’ thru 7.5 months of both pregnancies. Took 4 weeks to start up afterwards #dontdoasido 😳 Now? I usually run min 3 days per week but prefer 5. In order to keep me sane, married and running...I do PILATES 👊 Pilates can be done with or without equipment. Sure! It’s really fun to play in my little studio on my badass @balanced_body Reformer. But, I don’t need it. AS YOU CAN SEE: I did the same exercises! With a little help from my 13 year old pup, Phoebe, I could play, workout and get that same yummy stretch. My form still isn’t where I want it to be. I’m still putting me back together again after many years of neglect. I was too busy running my studio to do pilates #irony I get it... I move slower to really feel my imbalances and well, I’m simply just getting stronger again. To be honest: I set a one year goal to get to advanced exercises again. I couldn’t even do beginner when we moved to Austin. 😮 This pilates thing really is remarkable. #thanksjoe 🙏❤️💪 . ▶️WHAT EXERCISES LOOK FUN TO YOU? ▶️WHAT IS 1️⃣ WORKOUT GOAL? #youdoyou #goals #👊

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