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FRIDAY (thank goodness!)

pilates.evolvedI am so grateful that what makes me happy is also my life work. I love teaching! Pilates is transformational. It goes far beyond counting, reps and calling out exercises. It’s a way of life. A community 🙏 In 1995 (i was 4 😆), I was a private trainer at an amazing health club and a client gave me sessions of this #pilates thing”. I did one session and knew I would teach it forever! Actually, it was as simple as that! Boy! Was my mama was bummed out! #notafad mama! ✨Teaching inspires me and I do believe I inspire people. It is true what they say: do what makes you happy and you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m pretty sure this quote that I posted isn’t only about work but for me, work is a BIG part of who I am so, this is how I took it. 👊 I’ve usually followed my intuition and gratefully, It’s served me well. ✨Follow your intuition ✨Do what makes you happy and is fun! 🤸‍♀️ . WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? #inspire #intuition #followyourheart #community .


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