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I woke this am to see an email from my sister and a couple texts from some clients and friends. All of them, literally, all of them were about pains they were having. Should she use a brace on her wrist? Should she wear flats instead of heels? His body is in pain from golf, what should he do?

His posture is causing pain, what should he do? The answer to all of these are: you must do preventative work: 👊Every. Damn. Day. HERES A TRUTH: Pilates is the facilitator. It wasn’t created to be the end-all. It was created by JOE PILATES (a guy!) for men in the military to REHAB them. It's an amazing method that has myriad applications. I believe It’s the support system that we all need to live fully. I’ve always said that doing Pilates allows me to do my stupidity. ;) I like climbing, jumping, running, climbing. I’ve always been THAT person who said “sure! I’ll climb that!” You get the point. Working out is well, working out. You must support those workouts w a daily routine of the detail work. Or not and most likely get hurt. #truthhurts . If you don’t know how? DM ME!! BTW: this is some of what I will be teaching on my retreat. 🙏👍💪 ✨OCT 4-7 ✨Los Olivos ✨ . . . #learn#educateyourselves #fitness #fitspiration #oneminutewellness #pilateslife #teacher #sharingiscaring #pilatespower #strengthening #functionalfitness #core #posturepolice #youdoyou #losolivos #retreat #wine #wino#nike #oneminute

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