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#tuesdaytips I love all of the questions I’m receiving and thank you! It not only gives me ideas but confirms that we’re all struggling w this posture thing! ‼️Working on Posture is a non-negotiable.‼️ Why: the strain on your body will literally change the way your body is properly set up. Which will therefore change the way it will operate! Think compromised organs, shortening of muscles which move bones, and eminent injuries. #techneck is legit. Can you fix yourself? YES!!! Totally! You must learn how which requires you to learn...oh that again??!! Yep. Read. Hire someone. Read anyway 🤓! And practice every day. #everydamnday That being said: the longer you’ve had poor posture, the longer it takes to make that habit go away and learn a new one. I tell people about a year depending on their commitment level...which usually needs some adjusting too. ✨✨✨ I love this pic bc it’s user friendly. Meaning: if you’re lazy and don’t feel like really researching, blow this one up and you’ll have the #cliffnotes 👊 That said: this is your body and well, you really should want to learn it people! #knowledgeispower 🧐 You will learn more about this subject at my RETREAT! ✨OCT 4-7 ✨LOS OLIVOS ✨ . . . #oneminutewellness #selflove #confidence #looksmart#educateyourself #howtosit #stand #standtall #posturepolice#teacher #nofilter #jussayin #picture #clothing #noface 😆(what’s up w that?)

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