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HEY Y’ALL! It’s #tuesdaytips day! Recently, I’ve been asked, have read and others are talking about ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES. It’s a big topic and not to be overlooked! #goodstuff 🙏 Here’s a small list of NOT-TO-MISS, ALL NATURALS: -Turmeric: -Reduce body swelling -Curcumin- works beautifully with Turmeric -Ginger: Reduce stomach upset, headaches and infections -Cinnamon: Decrease swelling -Cayenne: (chili peppers too!) Ditto… #hellosriracha 🔥 -Black Pepper: Anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory -Clove: Has been used as expectorant, treat stomach upset & nausea and inflammation of the mouth and throat. Yummy smelling too! #happyholidays🎄 BTW: I use smaller amounts of some of these w my pups! They can in fact take on these homeopathics!! Research for them!! #doggielove ♥️ We will discuss more topics as this @ my RETREAT OCT 4-7 in Los Olivos!

Karen Schwalbe Jones Pilates.Evolved Owner & Body Mechanic . . . #teach

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