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#WednesdayWorkout Good morning y’all! I’ve begun doing side-by-side workouts to show that what is possible on a reformer may also be possible on the floor, with suspension-based straps, with stability balls etc. Just bc you may not have the full set up, doesn’t exclude you from creating truly spectacular workouts. 👊 Unfortunately, you'll have to go to my social media to see them as this blog site doesn't allow videos. Maybe it does and I'm not paying for it? IN any event: it's not here. GO TO: Instagram: pilates.evolved and/or FB: ksjpilatesevolved.

This little PLANK series is one of my go-to’s when I’m in a rush. . Things to think about: ✨Keep shoulders down. (use your lats ✨Keep your waistline pressed up (navel to spine) ✨Breathe! lordy! breathe people!!! A BIG exhale helps you feel your abs around your ribs ✨Form is EVERYTHING…reps are NOT.

1. Rolls outs 2. Hip rotations 3. Knee pulls: single and/or double 4..Ankle Flexion (also reminds me to rethink other parts of my form) 5. Pike. I love me some pikes. #yum

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