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Hey y’all! Here we are again not only @ Goals but actually making CHOICES


Let’s say that you want to change your Butt and Legs:

Bigger? Leaner? More Definition?



-what’s your athletic reason?

-what’s your physical preference?

-timing/committment: per day & per week


FOR EXAMPLE: I’m a runner (let's keep it real: jogger/shuffler). I like going for 4-5 miles 4 times per week. If I knew that my 50 year old body would tolerate more, I would! My brain could surely use it! #prozac

I work my little legs to stay long, lean and light.

I choose smaller, lighter, dense not, large muscles. Obviously, this doesn’t correspond with wanting a big bootie. I choose running over being #bootylicious

WHY? Bigger muscles are not only really heavy, they are hard to maintain for the duration. That’s why you see body builders working so hard and then taking breaks. It’s really, truly tough. They are warriors. #seriously


Anyway, I will choose W/O #2. This workout is HIGH reps (aka: #boring). As well, I do pilates. #EveryDamnDay

I will post a workout tomorrow on #workoutwednesday so stay tuned!


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