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MONDAY: routine...zzzzz....

ROUTINE sounds borrrrrring….I get it. HOWEVER! We all know that routine also lends itself to a calmer, healthier and more productive day and ultimately, life. The most successful people do, wear, and eat the same thing every day at about the same time. Whether traveling or not, same routine. Partially, because they are making LESS choices. Partially, because they enjoy & need to have a routine for the things that require less of them but allow them more focus for work. A small list of the simpler choices: drinking water, counting blessings, stretch, check emails etc. The smaller things that set the tone for the day but aren’t “the day”. Whatever the reasons, life is def calmer when we know what to do & expect. ✨Why wouldn’t you want that? 💬What’s your morning routine? . Mine is: I wake @ 5:15am. Monday -Friday.

Quick wall stretches, Vitamins, coffee, 24 oz water, check emails/texts, write, minute of silence and workout by 6:15. If school is going, I quickly stretch and shower. (If not, I have a bit more time in the am.) 7:15am, the kids and I walk our two mutts. This gives the kids and I time to connect and I get help with the 150 lbs of pups! . I have routine for weekends too. Just different. 👊 . Morning life is calmer and sets the tone for the three of us. Kory is NOT a morning person. He sleeps. He handles night routines if we need to handle things past 8pm. I’m useless at that time…ha! I sleep by 10pm. LATEST. . #everydamnday #routine #life

Karen Schwalbe Jones Owner & Body Mechanic

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