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I’m not sure where “taking care of yourself” turns into a laborious, overwhelming prospect. Its paralyzing to many!Keep it simple: put those things in front of you to help you…help you.

CHOOSE 3 things that you do every day. Start there! Again, keep it simple. one AM one Noon-ish one PM (besides wine 🍷 )

MINE? 👊AM: Vitamins (water & coffee) I’ve researched the heck out of which are best: Core is THE best. Yes! alllll of this is my set up for every morning. It’s a lot I realize but not all done at once and for diff reasons. Always laid out so I remember. 👊Noon-ish: Snack. I’m hypoglycemic. I must have food whether hungry or not. Almonds or RXBar are my go to as I’m usually teaching. 👊PM: Toe Gems. They are toe/feet stretchers. They’re THE only time I’ll tell you to sit down and do nothing while stretching. This is a pic of @masseyjoel being a good boy. 😘 Mine are sitting out bedside. #tmi ? @yogatoes for these! #divine (I should own stock in this company I’ve chatted about it so much! 😂) ✨ Make today THAT day. 🙏

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