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#OneMinuteWellness: Supplementation is a Moral Imperative.

Leslie @Grandparentslink, and I were chatting about supplements, why and which ones at different ages? Everyone NEEDS vitamins added in. However, what age-ish you are changes the details as to which ones you need. They’re like water and food: non-negotiable. 👊 But, which ones? and which company/brand is best? It’s totally overwhelming, right? 😳 Here’s a small checklist: -ALL of it really depends on the absorption or how healthy your gut is. READ: Dr Perlmutter’s Brain Maker. It’s life changing! 🙏 You will learn that you MUST get your gut healthy for myriad reasons. -Begin “asking” yourself your needs: do you sleep enough? too much? can’t sleep? low energy during the day? workout a ton? not enough? having babies? heartburn? Clearly, the list can go on…take your time and make that list. You’re worth it! #selflove ♥️ -Start with a multi-vitamin/Core pack complete from Vasayo. It’s complete and a basic way to start. I’ve spent years researching companies, vitamins and which ones are best. I can help you get that. -Do not! throw everything in your body at once! You won’t be able to FEEL what made the difference. 📣 AS I ALWAYS SAY: Too much of a good thing is too much!!!! ⬇️ There are mainstays in that crew: 🔻Vitamin D: immune and hormone support 🔻Vitamin B: for energy, eyesight, brain function, good digestions, hormone & cholesterol production & immune support. 🔻Vitamin C for free radicals, immune system, collagen and fighting disease. •ALWAYS use liposomal Vitamin C. WE DO NOT SYNTHESIZE IT. You must supplement it. 🔻probiotics: for gut health 🔻magnesium for anxiety and muscle cramps. And take before bed? You’ll sleep better! 🔻Omega’s:. Fish Oil, DHA for supporting brain and eye function throughout life, as well as cardiovascular health Choline: for brain health and mood. Fights inflammation and wrinkles. #keeper 😘 . BY THE WAY: this does not take the place of doing your very best to eat well, drink water and sleep. You do not get to trade in those bc you popped pills. #duh. #truth Thank you @grandparents link for our chat. Love and miss you tons! ♥️♥️♥️

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