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#OneMinuteWellness: Goals Turn Into Habits

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routines."

EVERY THURSDAY: Watch my #oneminutewellness video on Insta or FB!

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Here's your #assignment:


-For each one: figure out 3 ways/things that will help you achieve your goal

-Set a DOABLE timeline for success

-If you aren't self motivated: ask for help/tell people of your goals. #accountability

FOR EXAMPLE (I always use me as an example bc I only realllly know me): In LA I felt left out which made me feel lonely. However, this was mostly self-imposed. I was ALL about work and kids...and a little bit of hubby. It was the life I created! When we moved, I had an opportunity to create the life that I realized I wanted.

My goal: "say yes" as one of my intentions/goals. It would be great for my spirit, for my family and for business.

Timeline: Daily.

Now that I'm getting busier, it's tougher to say "yes".

It's literally a personal mantra. When I'm tired but invited somewhere? I tell myself: "say yes"

By the way, it is WAY more fun saying "yes"!!!


Make them your habits!

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