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#tuesdaytip I’m not going to win any friends by saying this but…having children, starting & owning a business, and initiating & executing a workout routine are essentially the same thing. 📍They ALL begin with your perception of what’s possible and consistent nurturing. 📍They all require soul searching, life-time of commitment and constant education and redirecting. I get that emotionally they are NOT exactly the same. However, if you want success from those, the basic concepts are EXACTLY the same. #exactly. . Now, I’m going to go out on a esoteric limb and also say that your success begins with how you view life; your reality. In 2006, Ms Byrne wrote the @thesecret365re: The Laws of Attraction. The @goodmenproject wrote: “In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality." 🙏 FOUR WAYS YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR SITUATION AND ATTAIN YOUR GOALS: 1️⃣Count your blessings. Appreciating the "little things” requires constant awareness. This new awareness will help you respond differently; positively/calmly. 2️⃣Let go of your anger. It won’t get you anywhere anyhow! This is daily for me! I can get allll spun out. #oy 3️⃣ “Keep your enemies closer” It’s pretty much the supports #2. It’ll make your world a kinder place when you’re not feeling this…besides, if you’re THAT angry, you’re really giving that person all your energy that you could be using in a more positive way. 4️⃣Pretend you’re chatting with you. Do you like you? Why? Why not? That was a game changer for me. Someone once told me: ask yourself BEFORE you respond: will I be proud of my reaction/response later? Especially, if it turns out to be my own fault? Oooohhhh that one has happened!😳 FOR EXAMPLE: We were @ the airport and missed our flight. I was SO upset and was a total ass-hat to the poor lady at the counter. Guess what? She was amazing helped us in spite of my behavior. She forever changed my life with her behavior. #youneverknow

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