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Workin Full-Body-Integrated

#WorkoutWednesday It’s always about fitting it all in…I’m a wifey, mama to 5 (including my man 😘 ) and own a couple companies. The balance of things is real (pun intended!)! . I like efficient and effective workouts. I LOVE full body integrated workouts; using my whole bod @ the same time. It’s a bit tougher to focus on form but totally doable! READ and then do try this @ home kids…and then get back to me with questions/advice/rescuing. 👊 THIS SERIES:

-HAIR: morning pinktails. A must. -EQUIPMENT: I used a TRX and sliders. You can also socks, @crossflytes, or a towel. -TAKE YOUR TIME! I sped this up 1.5x bc I only have 60 seconds! Go at the speed @ which you breathe. -Breathing: exhale on the exertion (e on the e) -Form: Lats not Traps (it’s a mantra. repeat it every workout) 🔽 WORKOUT: -cat/cow 3-5x (warm up) -walk abouts 3x - they help me get into my core -FIND PLANK and then:

•knee pulls 5-10

•leg circles 5-10 each way

•oblique knee pulls 5 alternating sides

•knee pulls w/leg opening 5-10x •static knee pull (hold 5 seconds and repeat 5-10x) •childs pose 30 seconds . Off for my run! #runner #truelove ❤️


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