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It’s Thursday. Again, I’m ready for the weekend! 👍🌈🦄 Except that I have a conference this weekend which means work. I feel tired thinking about it! I really need to change my view or my #perception about this weekend. If I don’t, I’ll feel bummed that I haven’t a weekend time with my little family. Time to exhale. Ya know? . Here I go, changing my PERCEPTION: -This weekend will be spent learning business. That’s exciting! -Gratefully, my hubby will hang with the kids, -Maybe, hopefully do some laundry (a girl can dream). -I will have the opportunity to get away with a girlfriend to Dallas -I haven’t been to Dallas. -I really am fortunate that I can go! . SEE! DONE! CHANGED MY PERCEPTION. #bam You literally just read my thought process. 👊 That took about 2 minutes. #literally . This #always works while I get down on myself about work, life, friendships, watching bodies I wish that I had, houses that are prettier than mine, workouts that I want to do, time that I wish that I had etc etc. The list goes on…and on. My perception really is based on me. I have the power to change it. So, I do. It’s taken me forfingever to get to this point. A place of awareness and gratitude. . This is what I do. About most situations where I’m feeling yuk. TWO REASONS: -Life is an opportunity -Life’s too damn short to accept “yuk” ♥️ . Happy Thursday!

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