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Commit To: Well, Everything You Want To Change!

I didn’t just start drinking some tea that helped me lose weight, make money and stay married. No one can! Life and success doesn’t work like that. #nope . I had faith in myself, asked for help, learned everything I could about whatever subject I needed to move forward, had support from my man and: COMMITTED. By the way, it’s the SAME commitment as being married! ZERO difference. I’m going to go on a a bit of a tangent with #TMI ⬇️ My marriage. ♥️ My longest commitment thus far. We met 30 years ago, lived together 23 and married 18. That’s a LONNNNG ride my friends. Speaking only for myself: I’ve wanted to leave multiple times. WHY??? “IT” wasn’t working for me. . “IT”. (PAY ATTENTION TO THAT WORD.) . BEST ADVICE EVER came from our therapist in LA (if anyone is looking: she’s a magical #unicorn) 1. Does he love you? "Yes" 2. Does he want the best for you? “Yes" 3. Does he support you? "Yes" 4. What else do you think is out there that means more? Everyone has their own baggage. It’ll simply be a different set of issues. "Ugh" 5. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: “IT” is ME. “whoa” #mindblower 😳🧐😘 ….well, shoot, I guess I’ll have to figure my sh*t out eh? So I did. Multiple times. Still am. About everything. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ My #TuesdayTip /my advice?⁉️ ASK YOURSELF: What or who are you blaming? BC most of the time “IT” really is YOU. AND? The answer or solution is often the SAME! Simply change the topic. 👇👇👇 DIET: “IT” didn’t work for me! SOLUTION: learn and study you and how you need to eat and then COMMIT. 👈 WORKOUT: “IT” didn’t work for me! SOLUTION: hire an expert or learn other workouts till you find one that does. COMMIT.👈 JOB: “IT” didn’t work for me. SOLUTION: investigate why and and try doing another way. COMMIT 👈 MARRIAGE: “IT” wasn’t working anymore. Get help, advice, have fun and talk! Just short of either of us or you being total creeps, COMMIT. 👈 🔻🔻🔻 Now go figure your sh*t out and commit to whatever you keep failing at because you keep blaming “IT” instead of taking responsibility. . . . #truthhurts #sorrynotsorry #texas #austin#freespeech #nofilter (picture and myself)

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