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My Top 10 Fav Things: I need it all to be simple. I’m not fussy…except w my lashes. #truth . This probably should have been my #TuesdayTips …ah well! I just thought of it while reading @elledecor BTW: I will be on FB Live later today at 5pm to explain all of this in detail! You can DM me for details if you can’t wait! 🔻🔻🔻🔻 MAGAZINE: 1️⃣ELLE DECOR! I love real estate and architecture. Textiles and furniture. It has it all! #eyecandy . FACE: I have the DRYEST SKIN everrrrrr. Like, #ever. 2️⃣Walnut Oil: I “wash” my face w it. Massage onto dry skin. Wipe off. So easy and pure. #feelssogood 3️⃣Cetaphil: Daily Facial Moisturizer: NOTHING compares. Moisturizing and SPF 50. #winwin . SYSTEMIC: fer yer insides :) 4️⃣Water: 100oz/day/day. You can debate me till the cows come home. I’m not budging. Just ask yourself "why not?" BC I can explain mannnny reasons “whys”. #idareyou #bringit 5️⃣UNFILTERED Apple Cider Vinegar in green drink in AM or 1/2C in bath pm. 6️⃣CORE Vitamins: Daily. Real & Superfoods, NonGMO, Probiotics, Omegas, and THE BEST?! I don’t feel sick when taking.. There are more…I’ll explain later. . FEET 7️⃣YOGA TOES: your feet will love you! #yourewelcome . SLEEP: My brain spinzzzz @ 3am. I go to bed about 10. I wake @ 430…you do the math #oy 8️⃣SLEEP Gel. Vasayo. Nothing like it and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Meditation, devices, techniques, etc. . . #lastbutnotleast LASHES: I love mine long and lush. Not @kimkardashian spider-like. Natural-ish. #truelove 9️⃣RODIN & FIELDS LASH BOOST: DM me for my person bc I want her to make buckets of money! 🔟ALMAY: Multi-Benfit Mascara.

*️⃣ ON TOP OF almost goes Cover Girl Lash Blast. 👊👍😘

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