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Exzema...Helping Out The Natural Way

These are my babes. My hearts that live on the outside of me. ♥️Cute eh? As it’s #TipTuesday, I’m going to give a little advice; some tips. Today: Natural Remedies for skin issues. I get asked about this bc I’ve always had THE driest skin. Ever. Ever. This began when my little girl, Penelope, was about 8 months old. She had baby eczema. She "outgrew it" but now has allergies. They’re NOT mutually exclusive. What did I do? I changed...everything! By the way, I believe she “inherited” this from both Kory and myself. My skin has ALWAYS been an issue and he has allergies.

🔻 Here’s what I did: LAUNDRY: I made all of our laundry detergent using castillian soap. We were on a budget so buying dreft was way too expensive. BTW, I looked at the price of @honest wipes yesterday? They’re almost 4x more expensive than the basic @HEBwipes! I realize they’re “pure” and I can’t even pronounce the ingredients in the cheaper wipes. But, SO expensive! "WIPES" I diluted (WAY) down unfiltered apple cider vinegar and used that instead of wipes. BATHE: Calendula and Chamomile Tea water. SHOWER: Castilian Soap with a calendula lotion afterwards. TO CLEAN THE HOUSE: I used only white vinegar, alcohol, baking soda and dr bronners Castilian soap to clean the ENTIRE house. If you want the recipes, LMK. It was a total PITA but it worked. #mommaslove NOW? That she’s 11 yet, and still has environmental allergies?

👉Minimize dairy and wheat (if at all), Chamomile tea for drinking when she has flare ups, Calendula or coconut oil for body. Takes a bath in apple cider vinegar. She’s not loving this one. Clean eating. The list is more detailed but too much for social media.

👇 Our kids are learning to take bioavailable vitamins. They’re called Core Complete. They’re a packet. Super convenient way to get impressive Superfoods, Real Food Blend of antioxidant-rich berry blend, probiotics, omegas, and essential digestive enzymes. Truly, this is a complete dietary package unlike anything else.

👇 If you want ANY help with any of this or want to chat? DM me. I’ve spent the last 15 years working on this for them. I’m their biggest advocate. Btw, they’re learning all of this too!

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