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Halleluja! A Kids AND Mama Recipe! (Kory won't eat this...sigh)

This is one of The Jones kids’ fav breakfast. Yes, really! For all you parents out there? THIS IS A WINNER! #winnerwinnerchickendinner

Even I can have this. I’m very hypoglycemic. I’m very strict 3:1 ratio. I cannot have store smoothies as they have too much sugar and not enough protein. I can w/mine bc of the proteins and fats. #winwin !!!

Mama K’s Smoothie

-@Botlthousefarms Green Goodness (EVERY KID/FRIEND IN THIS HOUSE drinks it. They all poopoo it @ first cuz it looks like murky swamp water..and then we say ‘try it!” and they like it. Literally, EVERY SINGLE ONE! give it a whirl!)


-A handful kale

-Mixed berries -from @traderjoes of course bc I would marry trader joes if I could...

-A TON of peanut butter…one can never have enough #pb

-Blender: mine cost 30.00. It’s amazing. No need to get all techie. It’s a blender.

-CORE vitamins: we all take vitamins. You should too. Everyone should bc our cells need support, most eat less than stellar, environmental issues are real. #btw #globalwarming #guthealth

Penelope can’t swallow pills so hers are liquid.

—>ANYONE have any advice for this besides hiding meds in ice cream?

I worked in the greens and avocado at diff times and as they got older. They didn’t like seeing all the green when younger. Sometimes, I snuck it in. :)

Oy! Kids and their eating habits. right?!?

That’s it! They dig it! I do too.

-I don’t worry/think about fat for the kids and I bc your whole body needs fat, don’t be shy about it. Just choose wisely. OK?


-I get their health stuff in early in the day. We all get tired later on and honestly, I don’t feel like policing their eating or forcing them to eat veggies.. when they really want pasta or sushi. #becausesushi




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