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TRICEPS. Are allll that.

You probably know that your triceps muscle is the large muscle on the back of the upper arm. What you might not know is that the triceps is actually the LARGEST muscle in your arm: it has three points of attachment since it is longer than the biceps, which has only two. IT ONLY OPERATES when you straighten your arms from bent. NOT the other way which is your bicep (curl). THIS MEANS: your jiggly stuff will ONLY go away when you intentionally work it or throw a ball or place a package on a shelf…repeatedly…as if exercising…you see where I’m going with this: IF YOU WANT YOUR ARMS SMALLER AND MORE DEFINED? You must work your triceps. #noexcuses #thatjigglyisyukky 👍👊 I am showing you that you can do this @ home or..really anywhere. Yes, I have badass equipment, but as you can see in the first video: I tied in a green band for the EXACT same series that I did w/my springboard and reformer. 🐶 *Phoebe is my helper…she wouldn’t budge. She’s old and bitchy (kind of like her mama). 🤓🤣 🔽🔽🔽 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT:

➡️POSTURE: knee and feet placement: under hips. Shoulders down n back. Chin forward.

➡️BREATHE: exhale on the exertion. WHEN YOU EXHALE: feel that it affects your ribs (those are muscles around those ribs!) ➡️I DO NOT COUNT: I time or go to failure. FAILURE means SUCCESS. This allows me to FOCUS/CONCENTRATE on me and not the number

➡️CHANGING PLANE OF MOVEMENT: changes the work which is why I lean in the 2nd not the first.

➡️ I TURN MY ARMS: it helps stretch the chest more and engage the tinier muscles in my upper back. ➡️”NECK PULL” (the last part) is BC my neck is tight. It’s without a C curve from an untreated whiplash. I LOVE THIS STRETCH! If you look closely, I struggle to look left but not as much when looking right. ❤️🦄 I hope that these videos help you with yours? Inspire you to do yours! :) Please, feel free to #repost #share #comment 💭

Thank you @muscleandfitness for the sublime picture (and specimen)

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