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We Share. You Share. That's What We Do. #Humanity

We share. That’s what we do. We're humans. We start with “how’d you sleep?” and end the day with a glass of wine (I do! #wino ) and ask “how was your day?” We ask because we care and therefore, share. Wouldn’t it be weird if we didn’t ask and thus, didn’t answer? Sometimes, those questions are asked throughout the day and pertain to work...and when we answer, we may be “selling”. The difference is: when we SHARE something with someone else it is equal to caring. Steve Jobs said that. Maybe someone before him did too but since he said it, it must be true. :) I FREAKISHLY love teaching. I am SHARING Pilates, wellness, nutrition, posture, stretching, recipes, homeopathy etc.. When people ask, I share. When people don’t ask….I share. I can’t help it. #love Is that pushy? Maybe...😘 Here’s the funny thing…because the topics are often what they want to hear or learn, no one is offended. It’s personal and interesting! When a person feels it doesn’t pertain to them or they don’t want to hear it, they feel pressured. Make sense? At that point: I’m being “pushy". Same info eliciting different responses/reactions because others want or don’t want. ❤️ If you are offended that I share because you are feeling like I’m selling? That is on you. Not me. Not on anyone that deeply loves what he/she is sharing.

Next time, when feeling “pressured”: consider the source and the intentions. What do you love? What do you share? Hobbies? kids? sports? Wine (I def want to know!) Let’s chat! I want and love hearing about what makes people tick!

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