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WorkoutWednesday: Recovery

Being the over-sharer that I am…I’m going to over-share with you about this BC the reasons I assumed I couldn't workout for 6 weeks are actually NOT the reasons that I can't!

Who knew? Well, many women who've gone thru this! Consider this my @cliffsnotes version. Lots to learn. Read on!

THE RECOVERY: 6 weeks.

WHY? They took out an enlarged organ. Mine housed a few too many items. BC it was enlarged, the other organs were out of their happy space. Now that my big, bad boy is gone, I can feel things are different and my body needs time to heal.

HOW? Lets start at the bottom and move up...

My cervix was once attached to my uterus. Not any more! The tissue at the cervix is super fragile. Hence, nothing going in or out.

I don’t want my intestines falling out or anything poking in ;) Moving insides are readjusting. Example, I don't potty the same...I'll spare you the details. But things feel differently when exiting...

If I don't chillax I could jeopardize that process and be left with incontinence, intestinal and/or bowel issues, and my abdomen wall could be compromised.

Oh! by the way, I can't even feel my transverse (deep abs) right now! SO WEIRD!

So, I impatiently wait. I wake dreaming up chair workouts. Not lying. Pray for me y’all…this is where my real work starts. If you have questions, comments and/or wanna chat: bring it! Here’s an article that I liked:

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