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What If I Don't Wanna?

To be honest, the reason I thought of this is bc I’m struggling. I often chat and teach about what I’m feeling/needing. Right now I’m tired. I’m just worked. Life is amazing and special and all that but I’m also feeling a bit beaten at the moment. I doubt me. I do often doubt myself; my momming, my wifing, my businesses. Am I enough? Doing too much? Wrong things? Am I fair to others; hubby/kids/friends? Am I being my best? kindest? Is this the way I want my businesses to move forward? I mean…my list of doubts is overwhelming at times. Like, right now. I’m sure it’s natural but nonetheless: overwhelming. 🥺. . Now that I’ve admitted my insecurities for the world to see, I’m also going to tell you: I won’t let it stop me from doing what I feel/know is right. Is that hard..omfg yep. I’d way rather climb back in bed. But I won’t. This is where having faith comes in. This is where tenacity takes hold. This is where I move forward. EVEN IF I DON’T WANNA. I will move on bc if I don’t? Nothing will happen. Actually, not entirely true…I will regress and then self-loathing will set in. That’s WAY worse. Even as I write this, I’m reminded that doubt can be truly motivating and inspirational. Off I go. To workout, be a mom-wife-bizwoman-pilatesteacher 👊 Thanks for the therapy sesh. I feel better. 😘

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