Happiness Is...

Years ago, one of my sisters asked me if my life was what I thought it would be. I answered: I never planned the details but, yes, it feels right. Exactly where I was felt happy.

Her answer wasn't as simple. Yearrrrs later, I really thought about that question.

This may not be a popular stance: I don't believe we should plan our future's details. A brief overview is a great idea but, a detailed plan...like the many-a-failed, detailed, birth-plans? Nope. Definitely not. There are myriad possibilities in life. Why limit oneself with a specific plan? One would only be planning the future as opposed to staying in the present. Happiness would be in the next place.

This same sister has had myriad jobs, businesses, friends, boyfriends, homes, etc etc. Seemingly always looking for that happiness. She only needed to look within and see how great she is to stay exactly where she was (is).

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