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I wake and count my blessings. Every day.

Every Thursday, I'm here -counting my blessings but choosing one biggie.

This week I choose JOY.

This is our boy. He was about 5 or 6 @ the time. This was the first time I truly realized what true JOY was AND what it meant to feel that parental love. I know that sounds odd as I was about 40 @ the time. This doesn't mean I didn't feel it before but I didn't really "get it".

KC has always been that kid; the happy one who navigated life empathically and wanting the best for others. #truth.

Sounds like I'm one of those parents...nope. Ask anyone who knows him. That doesn't mean that now @ almost 16 he can't be a moody teenager! #whoa

He will change the world one hug at a time.

I look at this picture and see PURE JOY. His smile and laugh: PURE JOY. This is also what parenting is to me. Which means a TON. You see, I really didn't want kids. When he came along, I struggled! It wasn't an easy transition, to put it mildly.

Not until this picture did I really "get it". Yep, that's a LONG five years isn't it?? Imagine being me!

I feel truly blessed to now know this.

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