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#TuesdayTip: Gift a Compliment

I have ZERO problem w/getting older and my bday is my version of New Years Eve! ...Strange as that is bc I am scared to death of dying. We’ll save that for another time, post, therapy sesh.🧐🤪 While I’m not angry or upset about my age, there is def a negativity that swirls around women’s age in general. Maybe it’s the fear of death, but I really think it’s as simple as our appearance. Add to that, a society turns us into a “special population”. For reals! I had a client who was a producer at a movie studio, tell me she’d been reclassified: a “special pop” and she was 45!


Last night, I saw an #emmys headline for a group of gorgeous women: “STILL fabulous over 50!” They were truly awe inspiring! However, they looked bangin for 20,30,50. Yes, yes, I know they had a team of peeps but! The package was/is amazing anyway. 👊♥️#faboverfifty #simplyfab

Here’s a #lifetip for EVERYONE: When gifting a compliment

🧚🏽‍♂️Simply compliment with a solid compliment and stop. Period. No qualifier or quantifier.

There’s enough insecurity-inducing stuff in the media without adding in the “still” or “for your age”. 🔻😆🔻😂

Here are a few of my favorites: “did you do something different to yourself? Bc you look great!”, or “you STILL got it!” or “you look good for your age” 😳🤨. My ultimate fav is “you’re doing great for 50!”. My reply: “I’m actually doing great for 25!” #bam #jussayin



To ALL of us gorgeous, beautiful, strong women of any age: let’s represent our best selves! Let’s support each other for exactly the badass-superhero-unicorns that we are! #prettyis #ageisjustanumber 👊❤️🦄


YOUR HOMEWORK TODAY: gift compliments without anything attached.

Oh! And to a stranger and yes, maybe choose an “older” woman.

See what happens. THAT! is amazing. #giftingcompliments





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